Charity begins at home and from home. By donating you can be sure that your donations will be used to provide women, children and vulnerable communities the best possible chance to break out the poverty cycle.

For just £40 we can provide families with clothing and footwear.

These help people have much better health, dignity, safety and so much more. Together with clean water and good hygiene, toilets keep people safe and healthy and prevent disease. 

For just £500 we can build a bathroom for those who have none.


Help those with low income or with children to pay for things that they might not be able to. A simple monthly donation of £20 can help us to make life easier for those struggling with financial hardship.

‘Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded’ (Quran 75:10)


In Azad Kashmir where people can’t even afford their routine check up.
Free medicines and check ups are provided to the patients in the free medical camps.

A simple donation of just £10 can help us to provide free medical check ups and medicines to those less fortunate.

The loss of a father or mother doesn’t just leave a trail of grief, it leaves a household on the brink of financial collapse. Widowed and orphaned women and children face the hardest circumstance in trying to survive each day.

A simple donation of £25 per month can help us alleviate their suffering. Those who help orphaned children will benefit in this life and the next.

This year the coronavirus has made it extremely difficult for some families to put food on the table, but your Qurbani donations could change that for them.

Help give poor families a joyous Eid and a delicious meal with your generous donations. Qurbani start from £150 for a small animal and £450 for a large animal which is 7 shares.

Sewing Machine Livelihoods
Help us provide a sewing machine which will help to being in a much-needed source of income for a family of around £100 per month.

Providing Rickshaws to families living in extreme poverty is a practical way of combatting hunger and destitution. Help families provide an income for themselves long term, rather than continually living on charity aid.

Help provide an education and a better life for orphans and refugees robbed of their childhood. Education is fundamental to improving lives forever.

A donation of just £25 per month can help us to help underprivileged children gain a brighter future.

‘The best charity is giving water to drink’.

Hand pump is Zakat Eligible and is a beautiful Sadaqah Jariyah. The hand pumps are currently being installed in the most deprived area of Pakistan which is Sindh. People usually have to walk up to 3km to obtain water. For just £95 you can provide the gift of water which will benefit up to 3 to 4 families with fresh water. A plaque will be installed with names of your choice.

Clean water is so important to us as Muslims The Prophet Muhammad PBUH once said, “The best charity is giving water to drink”

Give clean water, transform lives for good! Water coolers are installed in schools and masjids and benefit whole communities.

Cost of project is £250.

Provides provision of safe filtered water to whole villages and surrounding villages to benefit from fitting in strategic locations to benefit as many people as possible. The cost of a filtration plant is £5000.

It will alleviate problems such as kidney stones as a lot of water is contaminated and causing numerous health issues.

Worldwide, there are more than 690 million people who suffer from chronic hunger.

Extreme food insecurity brought on by severe poverty will mean these people might go days without eating.

At Sunnah, we reach out to thousands of needy families in Pakistan to put food on the table and put an end to food insecurity.

The coronavirus outbreak is the greatest global health emergency in living memory. It is affecting the way we all go about our daily lives. In these uncertain times, small acts of kindness can make a huge difference. We provide masks and sanitisers to those in need as well as educating them against this disease. For just £4 we can provide the equipment needed to beat the spread of this disease.

Sunnah Welfare Trust was founded in 2016 and was established as a Charity in 2018.

It was originally started by my family as a sadaqah jariyah for our father and loved ones who are no longer with us. 

After seeing the work we were doing others joined us and slowly our scope expanded thus culminating in SWT and it became a registered welfare trust in 2018

You can provide a poor Muslim with the opportunity to read the Qur’an and receive spiritual nourishment.

Each Quran costs just £2.50 and will be a continuous charity for those who donate.